Holistic chiropractic in Alexandria using traditional adjusting as well as gentle, low force adjusting with nutrition therapy, acupuncture, soft tissue manipulation and herbs. Treating families for over 20 years. Nutrition in Alexandria with a holistic approach.


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Chiropractic, Acupuncture and Clinical Nutrition in Old Town Alexandria.   

Many symptoms can be helped, slowed or alleviated through balancing the system. This is a multi focused concept and requires considering lifestyle, history, and goal setting.  With your commitment to a quality of health that is the very best you can achieve better health than you may have realized was possible .”                                                                                                         Dr. Nancy Taylor      
Dr. Taylor takes a holistic view towards healing and has over 40 years of training and clinical experience in traditional medicine and natural health. She’s treated many people with chronic health challenges, disabilities, long standing pain, injury, communication challenges and those who think they have already tried everything. 

Dr. Taylor received her doctorate in 1997. She is board certified in chiropractic, has a degree in clinical nutrition and certified in acupuncture. She teaches monthly natural health classes: pregnancy, birth, childhood, infant massage, earaches and her most popular: Are You Toxic? 

             To Schedule an appointment call (703) 739-0456

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