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Treating symptoms does not heal the cause of symptoms. Symptoms point to an underlying imbalance. From a holistic chiropractic perspective removing interference to nervous system functioning, realigning the skeletal structure, decreasing pain and inflammation, restoring proper joint functioning and supporting the body nutritionally are primary keys for healing to transform your health and vitality! 

Nearly every symptomatic condition can be either helped, slowed or completely alleviated through balancing the system – whether it is correcting nervous system interference, using therapeutic supplementation, diet modification, correcting blood sugar imbalance, decreasing inflammation or correcting toxicity or making lifestyle changes. You may be using nutritional supplements just buying whatever is handy or what you think you need but really creating more problems.

If what you have tried so far had provided what you wanted and needed you would not still be wondering what it will take to reach your health goals or worried about what you may not have realized was important.  It's what you DON'T KNOW that YOU DON'T KNOW that can transform your health  and your life.

Maybe you want to age gracefully or get back to a level of fitness that allows you to do what you love. Maybe you have health issues that you have tried to resolve but not sure what's next.

With a commitment to a quality of life that is beyond what you have now (or what you may end up with if you do nothing) a holistic perspective could provide more than you thought possible... maybe even an extraordinary level of vitality.

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Maybe you are resigned about feeling better.  Maybe your have chronic health problems, disabilities, long standing pain from injury, chronic digestive or other health challenges like allergies, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, digestive issues, stiffness, brain fog or other health concerns.  You may think you have already tried everything. It really is what you DON'T KNOW that that can transform your health and your life.


That's why this approach is specific to you.  For instance, if the body is toxic and malnourished then chiropractic adjustments alone do not address the underlying issues.  In fact nutritional deficiency, malnutrition and toxicity are known to be a primary cause of spinal complaints.

Your health needs are specific to you.  Your treatment plan may include one or more approach such as chiropractic, therapeutic nutrition, meridian therapy, deep tissue work, acupuncture, acupressure, extremity adjusting and / or physical therapy.  Your treatment plan is designed with your personal goals in mind.
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